Photo of our cardamom fields in India

High Quality Organics is dedicated to working together with the organic community of the world. We visit our suppliers regularly to learn from each other and grow. We have daily interactions with the purchasing team, production team, and shipping and receiving. We cannot make quality products without each team doing their role.

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Our Founder Jerry checking on the fields

gogi field

Gogi Berries Trial, Gogi Desert

Chad VP of Quality

VP Of Quality Chad looking at lemongrass root separation in India


Staying true to our name, we partner with hundreds of family farms in more than 40 countries to deliver organic ingredients of the highest quality. We go to great lengths to establish personal relationships with the farmers and make sure they meet high standards of quality and safety. We believe that the success of any food company starts at the source – how the produce is grown.

"Knowing that our materials, our products are safe for consumers, that's what helps me sleep at night.

Knowing that we are going through extra testing, extra protocols, ensuring that the products we produce and sell, have gone through very rigorous testing procedures, sensory analysis, evaluations, ensures that top quality."

VP of Quality - Chad Flores



We are dedicated to supplying our customers with the  highest quality products. This includes: USDA Organic, Orthodox Union Kosher, Fair Trade Certification, Safe Quality Food Institute Certification (SQF), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Quality Assurance International (QAI). We are members with the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA), as well as the International Federation of Organic Agriculture movements (IFOAM)