The Birth of HQO’s No-Salt Blend

Baked chicken legs with spices and fresh herbs. Top view.

In America, there is one ingredient that you will always find on the dinner table, and that ingredient is salt. It is very common for Americans to feel like in order to have something taste good, it needs sodium. But the truth is, there’s a whole tasty world of salt-free flavor out there. With the right blend of herbs and spices, you can add an immense depth of flavor to anything.

After years of travel and exploration, HQO’s very own founder Jerry Tenenberg created this special all-purpose sodium free mix that we call our Organic No-Salt Blend. Not only was Jerry a founder of HQO, but he started one of the first organic food markets in the country. At the time,
a very popular seasoning salt by the name of Lawrey’s was on everyone’s dinner table. Lawrey’s was delicious, but it was a conventional blend composed of artificial flavors. “How can I make a
tasty all-purpose seasoning that doesn’t have salt, but is also organic?” Jerry thought. He was determined to create something authentic and sustainable that everyone wanted at their dinner table. And that is where the journey began.

Jerry started playing around with onion, carrot, and celery flavor combinations in the lab. Then he began adding herbs and other vegetables. “It was kind of a journey at the time, and great education – finding out how onion, garlic, and other certain products trigger your tongue the
way that salt does.” He explained that those flavors that trigger the tongue, enhances everything else that comes across your taste buds. As he continued to experiment with different flavors and herbs, he started recognizing the relationships between the different ingredients. “I
kept wondering how much is too much, and what happens if I add this” Jerry said. Over lots of trial and error, Jerry ended up with a delicious 22- ingredient no-salt all purpose seasoning.

Through his travel, Jerry learned from different experiences exactly what consumers wanted to taste. During his time in the mountains of China, when these remote villagers found out he was vegetarian – they wanted to wow him with a vegetarian meal that would always end up blowing
his mind. How could something taste so good, without the use of meat, or much salt? This gave Jerry the idea to create something like Lawrey’s that was an all-purpose seasoning, but also a healthier alternative. “This blend literally came from traveling around the world, putting these projects together, converting conventional farmers into organics and helping them become reliable and sustainable,” said Jerry. All of those experiences are baked into this product, what Jerry calls a “world traveler product to use everyday”. Because it is exactly that, with 22 ingredients you won’t feel the need to add anything else.

Flavor Profile of No-Salt:
HQO’s No-Salt Blend has been specifically formulated to compliment a wide variety of natural flavors and dishes from around the world. Including notes of garlic, onion, and vegetables, this blend is packed with flavor. With a combination of 22 herbs and spices, it really is the perfect general seasoning.

How to Use HQO’s No-Salt Blend:
No matter what dish you are cooking or replicating, HQO’s no-salt seasoning can be your foundation. It has a power packed set of ingredients that have a lot of functionality. If you think about the functional aspects of onion, garlic, and pepper – all of these herbs have properties that help the digestive system. You can sprinkle this seasoning on anything from potatoes, to
meats, to soups. This blend can be a base to whatever you are creating in the kitchen.