Salsa Macha

In the world of chilis and salsas, an exquisite blend is continuing to make its debut and is getting the spotlight as one of the tastiest recipes in the market. Introducing HQO’s mouthwatering, Salsa Macha blend.

What is Salsa Macha?

Rooted in the Mexican states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, Salsa Macha is a mild to hot thick salsa typically made from variations of dried chilies, sesame seeds, nuts, and garlic. This traditional blend creates a complex oil-based salsa, with some nutty notes and varies in spiciness depending on how it’s made. The name “Salsa Macha” is derived from the Spanish language. “Macha” in Spanish is the feminine word “Macho”, which can mean anything from over-aggressive, to powerful, to brave depending on the context. The idea behind “Macha” is that (depending on the spice level) one must gain some internal strength before consuming this salsa due to the use of dried chilies in this blend.

It’s no surprise that Salsa Macha was named the “most valuable condiment” of 2020 by The New York Times. Not only will you find this famous blend at taco stands, high end restaurants, and mom and pop shops, it is becoming a necessity at the dinner table. Since it’s trend, many chefs around the world are putting their own twist to the recipe. Some swap out the pumpkin seeds for almonds, or the cayenne chili pepper, for chili de arbol. It really just depends on the chef, or the dish. Thanks to its increase in popularity, there are many different versions of this salsa around the country.

Tasting notes of HQO’s Salsa Macha:

HQO’s Salsa Macha blend has a rich taste with a subtle, smoky heat that isn’t usually over-powering unless one makes it to be. The blend is intertwined with a nutty element, creating an earthy taste. The deliciously intense chili flavor combined with the rest of the ingredients, makes an enjoyable tasty condiment that you can put on practically anything.

How to use Salsa Mach:

You can use HQO’s Salsa Macha blend by adding it to some hot oil in a pan. After stirring for 2-3 minutes, you can turn the heat off and let it cool for 5-10 min. This salsa adds texture and depth to everything it touches, which makes it incredibly versatile. You can add other dried chilies, salt, and nuts of your liking depending on what suits your tastebuds. This blend is delicious when added to fried eggs, potatoes, and grilled meats. It is typically used as a salsa or a flavorful marinade. HQO’s Organic Salsa Macha blend is delightfully intriguing in texture and flavor, and comes from organically harvested ingredients directly from the source.