What is Chaat Masala?


The term “Chaat ” is the Hindu word for “snack” and if you are a food connoisseur, or just enjoy Indian cuisine in general, then you may have heard the term “masala” used a lot. “Masala” simply translates to mix or spice in english. So together, “Chaat (Chat) Masala translates to snack spice, and it is exactly that. A delicious blend of spices that is typically sprinkled over popular Indian street food snacks, such as samosas, bhel poori, and paani poori.

The origins of Chaat Masala are spotted in several places of Indian history. A popular (yet unproven) tale is that in the 17th century, this spice was created in the royal kitchen of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. When he became ill, he was instructed to eat only lighter meals. To meet this need, the kitchen staff developed the famous Chaat Masala blend that we use in the kitchen today.

What is the flavor profile of Chaat Masala?

In most Chaat Masala blends, you will find a combination of amchoor (dry mango powder), cumin, coriander, black salt (kala namak) and chili powder. The dried mango powder (amchoor) gives the blend a distinctive sweet and sour taste, while ingredients like the black salt (kala namak) gives it that savory umami-like intensity. Thus, a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors for your taste buds to enjoy, all in one bite. This may be the reason why people are finding more and more uses for this authentic spice. In India, Chaat Masala is used in everyday cooking to salt food prepared at home, or to season snacks. This spice blend is often referred to as the flavor of Indian street food, because it is an essential part of every Indian kitchen today.

Thanks to an increase in the popularity of South Asian foods in the western hemisphere, distinctive ingredients such as Chaat Masala aren’t just being used on chaat. Chaat Masala’s versatility is opening up the doors beyond Indian cuisine, and chefs around the world are using this blend on salads, almond butter sandwiches, and even tater tots!

How to use HQO’s Chaat Masala blend?

Chaat Masala makes a great finishing seasoning and can be used at the end of the cooking process, prior to plating. It is usually recommended to be used after frying or baking, so the dish absorbs the spices. This blend can be \sprinkled on meats, vegetables, eggs and salads, but also complements, papaya, sapota, apples, or bananas. HQO’s Organic Chaat Masala packs a punch with savory and sweet flavors that come from organically harvested ingredients directly from the source.

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