What is Chili Crisp?

For centuries, chili infused oil condiments have been used all across Asia. But one particular blend stands out: The versatile, crunchy, flavor bomb Chili Crisp. HQO’s Chili Crisp blend has become a pantry staple and has continued to rise in popularity ever since it was first created.

What is Chili Crisp?

Chili Crisp is an oil-based condiment typically made of peppers, onions, garlic, shallots, and other aromatics. With a balanced ratio of crisp to oil, the crispy bits add an addictive texture that gives you a perfect spoonful in every bite. While many create their own versions of this blend, each varies slightly based on the type of chili they use, as well as the spices and herbs they infuse. 


History of the Chili Crisp:

In the 1990’s, Noodle house restaurant owner Tao Huabi invented the famous Chili Crisp sauce in the Guizhou Province of Southern China. After realizing its popularity, Huabi decided to mass-produce it and began selling this blend in 1977. It then quickly sold out and eventually became a Chinese pantry staple. Now, Chili Crisp has become one of the bestselling condiments in the country, with sales of over $770 million in 2019.


In China, almost every restaurant makes their own version of this recipe – from the chilis that they use, to the spice level, to the aromatics and technique. For example, in Southern China, Chili Crisp is often made with spices simmered in oil, producing a beautiful bright red color. In Northern China, Chili Crisp is made by pouring hot oil over the spices to activate them. Regardless of how its made, this spice blend will give you a unique sensory experience that you will want to taste over and over again.


Tasting Notes Of Chili Crisp:

With a spicy, crunchy, savory backbone, many call this complex blend a flavor bomb. The crunchy bits of garlic and chili pepper bring great texture and color to any dish. It is not too hot, spicy or salty, and adds a great depth of flavor to anything it’s paired with.


How to Use HQO’s Chili Crisp: 

There really are endless possibilities when using chili crisp, due to its versatility. Commonly, it is delicious when drizzled on traditional dishes like noodles, rice, or dumplings. Others use it on eggs, bagels, and sometimes-even ice cream. Whether your dish is sweet, or savory HQO’s Chili Crisp blend will simply magnify it.

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