HQO Product Documentation

All products at HQO come with a full set of product documentation. This documentation includes USDA certificate, kosher certificate, SQF certificate, product specification and certificate of analysis.

USDA Certificate:

High Quality Organics carries exclusively USDA certified organic products. This means from the seed to harvesting and everything in between, our growers use all natural methods of cultivation. We do not use harsh chemicals, synthetic/conventional pesticides, or genetically modified organisms of any kind.

Kosher Certificate:

Our Kosher certificate verifies that these products conform to the rigors of Kosher law. 

SQF Certificate:

SQF stands for Safe Quality Foods. This certificate provides approval from the Global Food Safety Initiative that we are food safety compliant in every aspect of our facility. Our SQF process identifies our Critical Control Points and ensures food safety at all levels.

Product Specification:

This document outlines exact specifications of each product including mesh size, bulk index, possible countries of origin, moisture level, among many other elements of a product.

Certificate of Analysis:

This certificate verifies that the product purchased meets product specifications. This includes FDA requirements, identification, microbiological and pathogen results, and evidence of conformance.