Mesh Chart

Mesh Size Use Case
Whole 1 “ (25.4mm) to 1.5 “ (38.10mm) Whole spices are used for grinding, think of nutmeg dusted over your holiday eggnog. Smaller whole seeds are found in blends for brining, steak seasoning and all-purpose blends.
Diced 1/4 “ (6.35mm) to 3/8 “ (9.52mm) This cut size is used for vegetables. These larger pieces enhance stews, frozen food entrees, tomato sauces, and more.
Chopped 4, 5 Mesh Use Chopped in dry seasoning blends, broth-based soups, entrees, and as an addition to olive oil and vinegar-based bread dips; adds texture and color.
Minced 8 Mesh A smaller version of chopped, Minced can be used in dry seasoning blends, broth-based soup, dairy based dips and dressings; adds texture and color.
Cut & Sift 10 Mesh Cut & Sift, also known as “medium” is used for leafy herbs; this size is visible when used in dry blends.
TBC 16 Mesh Tea Bag Cut (TBC) — if you can visualize the ingredients of a tea bag, you can imagine TBC. The granulation works well in all dry blend applications. At this mesh size, it is large enough to be visible and impart a flavor profile of its own.
Granules 30 Mesh Granules impart an intense flavor delivery with an even ingredient dispersion. Granules are a nice addition to dry blends, smoothies, sauces, baked goods and most entrees.
Ground 20, 30, 40 Mesh Powder and Ground are our finest mesh sizes, with Powder being the finest size we offer. These versatile cut sizes offer intense flavor delivery and an even dispersion of ingredient. Can be used in both liquid, (although not completely soluble), and dry applications.
Powder 50, 60, and higher Mesh